Uni-Chuck "Shim-Fit" Combo

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Bullet Puller Drawing Sim Fit Combo-page-001.jpg

Uni-Chuck "Shim-Fit" Combo


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Upgrade your new or older Kinetic Bullet Puller with the NEW UNI-CHUCK SHIM FIT COMBO. (IT FITS ALL Kinetic Bullet Puller brands on the market)! This upgrade is amazing and very efficient!

You Won’t Be Disappointed!

Absolutely Amazing!

We have taken the "New Twist" Chuck Assembly along with our Patented "Shim Fit" insert and combined them to create the Uni-Chuck "Shim Fit" Combo which is designed to extend the life of your current Kinetic Bullet Puller.

(NOTE: The O-ring is crimped to each segment and “Cut In One Spot”)

The Patented UNI-CHUCK “SHIM FIT” COMBO is designed to restore and replace the worn interface and also improve the lost efficiency of ALL Kinetic Bullet Puller brand names on the market.

By concentrating the kinetic energy, it increases the pulling power by 4 times, therefore, reducing the users effort in pulling a bullet.

Simply affix the “SHIM FIT” insert to the puller tube opening (flat side up) and assemble the UNI-CHUCK/cap together and you are ready to start pulling.  The Uni-Chuck Shim Fit Combo will accommodate .22 Hornet through .45-70 and .50 Action Express.  Will not accommodate WSM cartridges.

Simply “FIT IT” and “HIT IT”



  • DO NOT USE with rimfire cartridges

  • DO NOT USE on ammunition with high primers

  • DO NOT USE with black-powder cartridges

  • DO NOT USE with explosive projectile ammo


Please Note: The O-ring on the UNI-CHUCK Assembly is secured to each segment by a slight crimp and the O-ring Is Cut In One Spot.  This allows for easy insertion and removal of the cartridge and case when the cap is loosened.


The UNI-CHUCK “SHIM FIT” COMBO comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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