Before you begin :

It is natural to want to take the Ultimate Kinetic® Bullet Puller apart to see how it works. However, use EXTREME CAUTION. Great care must be taken to see that the "New Twist" chuck assembly is replaced right side up. Remember, the flat base of the "New Twist" chuck assembly sits on the flat surface of the puller body.

Instructions for Use


  • DO NOT USE with rimfire cartridges
  • DO NOT USE on ammunition with high primers
  • DO NOT USE with black-powder cartridges
  • DO NOT USE with explosive projectile ammo

2. Loosen cap until chuck inside of cap accommodates round for easy entry. Insert and rotate cartridge until chuck engages cartridge cannelure or comes into solid contact with rim of rimmed cartridge.

3. Tighten Bullet Puller Cap.

4. Rap Bullet Puller against a hard, solid, non-metallic surface-cap end up, gripping handle mainly with thumb and forefinger. Easy extraction results from handle shaft being PARALLEL to the surface struck AT THE MOMENT OF IMPACT. Thus, the plastic head and cartridge within are PERPENDICULAR to the striking surface. This protects plastic "head" against breakage, along with providing ease of bullet extraction.

5. If more than one "Rap" is necessary to extract the bullet, re-tighten cap after each rap.

6. When the bullet has been pulled just twist the cap open approximately 1/4 turn, and lightly tap cap end on the bottom of a receptacle. Case, powder and bullet will drop out of the puller into the receptacle.

If this puller breaks for any reason while in service, return to us with $14.50 for postage and handling charges and we will replace the broken bullet puller, which features our patented
"New Twist" Chuck Assembly.