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The Kinetic® Bullet Puller
We Make Reloading Ammunition Easier
More than 50 years ago, Clifford Ashbrook invented a state-of-the-art product made for reloading ammunition known as the Kinetic® Bullet Puller. Now, Quinetics Corporation, is sharing this invention with you. Contact us today for more information on our Kinetic® Bullet Puller.

The Ultimate Kinetic® Bullet Puller Is:
Easy to Use
Built with Safety in Mind
A Great Investment for Your Hobby
Made by Lifetime Members of the NRA
Built for People Who Use Guns Frequently
Comes with Complete Instructions
A Great Investment
Kinetic ® Bullet Puller is designed to separate bullets from their casing using "Kinetic Energy" and can fit many different rounds of ammunition. If used correctly, it's very long lasting and also comes with an extended warranty. If you reload ammunition frequently, the Kinetic® Bullet Puller is a great investment for your longtime hobby.
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